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Thread: Any one remember their first shave?

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    About 7 year ago. Could not stomach the 3 bladers, nor electrics as ingrown hairs were an issue. I was just using clippers to keep it at bay, Fancied myself as a Don Johnson! Straights were introduced to me by Lynn's video. I am still a Norton guy and still hone in a pyramid, pretty much! Makin them sharp is where it's at! Lynn's video is still makin the rounds!

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    My Dad was an Electric Shaver man. Tried it once and hated it. {tried a few times over the next couple of years and the salesman always had this line about "training your beard" }.
    Anyhoo.. true story... next shave was my Solingen Bowie Knife.... after that one i saw "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" and they had a cool stag handled straight razor. Best i could find was a Gotta at the Tobacconist. By today's standards definitely not shave ready, but it worked for the next few years with a stick of Palmolive shave soap and various bumps and burns....
    Ah - the good ol' days. 30 years later, we have a wealth of ready information and help and shaving is pleasant.

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    I can't recall my first shave, but my first shave with a straight razor would have been hilarious to watch. I pulled my kit out of the mail, ran home & rushed into the bathroom. Once I got some kind of half hearted lather worked up, I slapped it on my face and readied the blade. I didn't shake, but I felt like I could. After a few tentative strokes, I put it down and finished off with a disposable. That side of my face had NEVER felt so sore. Luckily, it's become much better with practice!

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    Schick ( me someone...too lazy to Google) Injector. I started "shaving" with the empty razor when I was like 5 and then when the mustache came in for real, I put a blade in there and just did what I saw my father do every day. I was about 14 or 15 I guess. By 17 it was full on shave every day!

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