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Thread: Badger vs boar water retention

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    I did notice I keep coming back to my Semogue 610, I face lather only and still find this one of the finest brushes for its purpose.
    I like the feel and massage better than my badgers, my badgers hold more water where I need to refresh a little more often with my boars, but overall I do like my 610 the best out of all brushes I've tried.
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    For me, all work just fine. But some work better than others. I have my favorites, but I use them all, thru the year.

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    Napoleon used a big Plisson Badger with a fancy solid silver handle. If badger was good enough for him then who am I to argue?
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    I enjoy tea and have for decades. Over the course of that time I have learned a little bit about. People ask me questions about what is the right way; what is the best kind; which should I / what should I, etc.

    My answer always is the right one is the kind you like. The right way is the way that gives you the results you I can give you recommendations but what I like and what you like may be different. Also those things change over time but that's a whole other rabbit trail.

    Who are you doing it for? Please the one who is the obvious answer to that question. Especially in internet forums there is always some muckety muck trying to tell you what you should be doing or should not be doing or what you should like or what you should own. To be blunt screw all of that. Like what you like because you like it and don't let anybody (no matter how esteemed they may be or think they are) tell you what you should like. That same thing applies to most pursuits including this one. I personally like boar. I always have people telling me why I should like badger. If you like badger then YOU use badger in good health and long life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulFLUS;1976073 personally like boar. I always have people telling me why I should like badger. If you like badger then [B
    YOU [/B] use badger in good health and long life.
    I'm not a vegetarian, far from it and i wear leather shoes but, there is an an advantage to Boar that i cant help feeling better about.

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