• Fear not! You can do this!!

    I've been SR shaving for a few years, but have had to take a break and now am back. Last night as I shaved with a razor I hadn't used in a while I found myself thinking about when I first started with a SR as opposed to now. Although I have experience, I'm rusty, but all went well, and I found myself wondering what the biggest difference was.

    I think the answer is "fear" or "anxiety". When I first started, I shaved every time in fear of a wrong move that would cause blood-letting. Last night I realized that for me that fear stood in the way of getting great shaves for months. Last night, I thought about how relaxed I was and how much easier it made my shave to have my hands less tense, my neck and head less contorted trying to get the perfect view of the perfect angle, and how that relaxation let the strokes flow at lots of different angles, while listening to the razor on my beard.

    So that's the primary tip I'd give beginners -- be cautious and start slowly, but don't be anxious. Fear and anxiety literally tense your muscles (and your brain), and a tense shave is not a fun or close shave.

    Have fun!
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