• In the Garden 2015

    Time to order seeds and stuff for the garden

    Yep, it is time to start the veggie attack.

    I do hope everyone's garden does as well as our 2018 garden.


    So gents I thought I would start this off for the year, with some ideas we had here in the Northwoods for changes to the garden for the upcoming season...

    Some of you Sunshine State guys are probably already getting started but we are still a couple of months away up here..

    Last year we put in fencing and did a 240 sq/ft area, we started last year by putting down two 4' x 8' raised beds and a 4' x 4'..

    I had turned the ground first then put in soil conditioners and straw then put top soil in the beds..
    After the season was over I pulled out the beds and stacked them for winter took down the fencing and put it all away so the snow wouldn't destroy it. Basically everything went as planned and stacked neatly away in one of the out-buildings for the Winter
    I brought in some Peat Moss and Manure after everything was down and spread that over the soil from last year, this is all sitting under 3 feet of snow right now..

    After talking with the wife we are going to basically double the size of the garden and just do the exact same thing as last year in the new section.
    I will add two new fence panels, and extend the enclosure outward, do the exact same thing with the ground, and re-use the raised beds from last year in the new section for this year..
    In the old section I am going to rent a Tiller and turn it pretty deep, we noticed last year that some of the root vegis seemed to not have enough room to really grow.. Thinking we won't need the raised wooden beds any longer and will just create the planting beds with the soil..
    The wife has decided she wants the small 4 x 4 bed this year for flowers, and I want one of the new 4 x 8 beds for some kind of berries, we are thinking maybe Strawberries since we have wild ones right in that spot now anyway

    Thinking pretty much what we did last year in the old section a boring ole' salad garden

    So what are you guys planning for this year ??? any new ideas
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