• Home at last!

    Hello everyone,

    I am excited to inform you that we are changing our name to Sharp Razor Palace.

    As some of you know, for over a year we have had a dispute over the infrastructure of our forum. The court has rendered final judgement and has granted the plaintiffs' request that our current domain be transferred over to them.

    Although I am confident that we could win an appeal and keep our domain, it really is not worth spending our energy, time and resources on the effort. It is we who make the name not the other way around.

    This is great news!

    First, the actual service/website is not affected at all; it is just a change of the internet address pointing to it, and it is the last time we have to do it.

    Second, it highlights what defines us: not just our name, but more importantly our shared interest and values, which are love, kindness, respect, empathy, honesty, generosity and graciousness.

    Living these values every day is what reflects the name we use for the forum. We should be proud that in only a few months together we have created a highly desirable domain. Thank you for your contributions to this successful journey.

    We will continue to uphold our values and excellence on the forum, hoping that they will touch those we meet along the way. It has never been about what we have or keep, but about what we share with and give to others.

    Henceforth we will be known as Sharp Razor Palace and the domain name for our community will be SharpRazorPalace.com.

    I appreciate your patience through this transition period. You continue to make our community the great place or palace that it is.