• A Rat Among The Badgers !

    Rat in the badger house

    I returned home from breakfast today to find Code Enforcement & Immigration Officers at my place. Apparently they received an anonymous call from my home, complaining of overcrowded conditions & bullying going on in the brush house. I was ordered to separate the group & expand their living conditions, or they would fine me & deport half the group.

    I rushed down to Hobby Lobby (40% discount coupon online) & got an additional house to solve the problem.

    Unfortunately I was too late to investigate,, the group had found the "Rat", the Van Der Hagen Boar brush, & snuffed him on the 3rd floor of the old house. They managed to find a roll of cling wrap I had stored under the sink,,, A horrible way to go,,,,,

    When I asked, "What the h*ll happened here?"
    I voice from the back of the crowd shouted, "Forget About It,,,,,,"

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