• Semogue........Good brushes !

    Semoque Brushes


    Thanks to Speedster for the suggestion

    So I have heard off and on about these boar brushes made in Portugal. Was very curious and been lookin all over the web at different models and reading reviews here and abroad. Finally, ordered a model 1305 boar and it just came in today. First use a bit stiff, but no funky smell at all and is already softening up. Love the retro look of this brush and it's plenty good size. I have it hanging next to my Col. Conk badger which is a good size brush also. I must say it's very well made and quite handsome. May have to try one of their badgers down the road when economics permit. And for those new here and curious, this boar is every bit as enjoyable as a badger. Just a different experience is all but very nice. Good on ya Semogue !
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