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    Spendur's 6 Axioms of Shaving

    This is a great read for new shavers and experienced pros. Lots of tips and some very funny comments. From 2006!


    I wish I could take credit for this but unfortunately I canít. At one time or another these have popped up as warnings to all new shavers so Iím just corralling them together with some commentary. Iíll call them the axioms of shaving and if anyone has others to add we should incorporate them into one post and make it a sticky. So here goes:

    Axiom 1-Donít be afraid of the razor. If youíre afraid of the razor you will never master it, it will master you. No different than learning to shoot a gun. If youíre afraid of it youíll never shoot straight.

    Axiom 2-If you think your going to cut yourself you will. This kind of goes with number one. You have to have confidence in your abilities to use the instrument. If you donít its bad karma and something bad will happen.

    Axiom 3-If youíre in a hurry or canít concentrate use another means to shave. Straight shaving takes full concentration. If you have a lot on your mind or are in a hurry or have to talk to someone while shaving donít do it. Personally the only times Iíve really cut myself was when I violated this rule.

    Axiom 4-Sharp exposed straight blades never cause harm to anyone. Thatís kind of like loaded firearms never harm anyone only unloaded ones cause harm. You have to always know where the blade is and where all parts of your anatomy are in relationship to the blade at all times. And never carry or walk around with an open straight. And I think it was Rich who said ďdonít shave nakedĒ

    Axiom 5-If a little honing goes a long way a lot of honing must go further. The only thing a lot of honing will do is wear down your blade. The trick is to expose the blade to as little contact with the hone as possible to get the maximum result. Remember, each time the razor slides down the hone your leaving metal behind.

    Axiom 6-Spending more money on razors and paraphernalia does not guarantee better shaves. Your shaves only become better as your mastery of the skill increases. Spending more money may increase your satisfaction and may make you feel better but as far as better shaves go...

    So I know there are others so lets see what you guys can come up with!
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