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    What's up guys.

    Just quick question: While I do normally strop before a shave, I don't really feel that it adds anything to the comfort of my shave. Does anyone have some magnified pictures of a stropped vs unstropped edge? I constantly read about stropping smoothing out an edge but I can never actually see it and I certainly don't feel it. I've varied my stropping technique many times to include light or a decent amount of pressure, listening to the sound of stropping, feeling the draw of the strop, etc.

    Could this be an issue with the strop surface? What I mean is in when viewed in the light my black latigo leather strop appears to have some places that seem less "worn" and some that are smoother. Generally before stropping I run my hand up and down the strop to help generate some warmth on the strop. Would a strop dressing help to make the leather more supple, smooth, and shiny and thus help in smoothing my edge?

    This video is a perfect example of what I'm referring to on my strop: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgsEKpA4SUI

    Watch from about 6:32-7:00 and you can see how his black strop near the bottom reflects light like a mirror and is very, very smooth. Mine looks more like the top where you can see some wear and isn't as shiny.

    Thanks a bunch.
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