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    Hi gents! I'm completely new to the world of straight razor shaving. After many years of aggravation I shelled out the money for lazik hair removal for my neck and am about half way through the process. I decided maybe it was time to try something different for the rest of my face so I started lurking in the back ground here, reading quite a bit. After reading up and feeling a little comfortable I decided to take the plunge. Of course I went ahead and shelled out the money for new stuff on Straight Razor Designs (Lynn's shop?) using their monthly set. It arrived today after ordering it Thursday night. I got the Dovo Bismark 6/8 rounded tip with bone handle. I upgraded to the 3" strop as well since it seems to be the "in" thing to do. I'll try to take some pictures of my set after work and post them tomorrow if the site does not have restrictions on such things. I plan to follow the guides in the wiki on all things and post some pics of each step as I progress, if allowed.

    I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado and work as a government contractor. I've worked in security for awhile now but am currently a program specialist for my building. I love to fish, camp, shoot my firearms, cook, bar-b-que and just started snowboarding this year. If any of you share these hobbies in my neck of the woods feel free to get to know me. I'm a father of four at just 33 years old and enjoying every moment of it. I'd love to keep rambling but my green chile needs to be checked.

    Jason out.

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    Welcome aboard...

    You're from my old Hometown,,,

    We are planning on the 2nd Annual Colorado meet up this Summer consider yourself invited

    here is the info from last years

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    Welcome to the SRP!!!! Colorado Springs has the nicest airport I've ever been in.
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    Hello and welcome. Good stuff in going with SRD and getting a proper setup to get you on your way

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    Welcome to Straight Razor Place!

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