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Thread: Straight razor in marble

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    How's about THAT?

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    I think that the razor is ‘metaphorifical’. (I made that word up….)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve56 View Post
    I think that the razor is ‘metaphorifical’. (I made that word up….)
    Excellent, my new word of the day.
    What does your new word mean so I can use it right
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    Funny enough, there's some ancient Egyptian bronze razors that kinda look like a modern straight razor blade... I don't think they had scales though

    I wouldn't want to shave with one, mind you. Hammered bronze isn't very sharp.... And it turns your skin green.

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    Many people have misread the story of Samson and Delilah. The name shown on the statue is Dalilah, which is a modern alternative to the name Delilah. The meaning of either name is weak. However, it does not mean that Delilah was weak, either in physical strength or in character. The name is a reference to her relationship with Samson. While Samson was strong physically, he was weak of character. Ultimately, that led to loss of his physical strength as well. Many people believe that this occurred when Delilah shaved off the locks of Samson's hair. However, the text of the book of Judges tells us that Delilah summoned a barber who cut off Samson's hair, but it was Delilah's seduction that caused his moral downfall.

    Samson lived around 1100 BC early in the Iron age. Thus, the implement the barber used to shaves Samson's locks might have been fashioned from iron or steel. Since that metal would have rusted away over the millennia, no one really knows what shaving implements might have looked like at that time. Razors before the iron age might have been made of bronze or sharpened flint, like native Americans sharpened arrowheads and tomahawk blades. We do not know what type of razor was used for the shearing. It is unlikely that the razor looked anything like the straight razors of the past few hundred years.
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