I flip blades between the Blackland Vector and a Feather AC DX (which I've removed the scales, and wrapped the tang). Mostly use Schick Proline blades in both, bought a couple 100 packs about a year ago. Do have some of the Feather Professional blades, but they rarely get used, the Proline blades being 'smoother' on that first use. I change blades 5-7 shaves, which is an approximation, as I reload new when blades get tuggy in the Vector. Can get the same results (BBS awesome) with either.

One thing I love about the Vector is that it's such a nimble razor, even given the blade width. Many DE's I have, Several other SE's.....the top cap/head design is tough to get into the nose nostril areas. Zero problem with the Vector (and also the Blackland Dart). The Blackland Tradere....is a tank in comparison, may see a BST sometime in the near future.

Blackland razors can be spendy (a reason I don't have a Blackbird), but I've gotten the other 3 on either an introductory offer/sale, or a Black Friday sale. He used to have a sale on his birthday, but didn't see one this year.