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Thread: What got you guys into straight razor shaving?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cutlersdream View Post
    I think I was in my mid 20's got my first straight didn't have a clue how to sharpen it or even what stones to use. Before that I was a cartridge banger not liking spending all that dollar on them so got given a electric one (utter crap when I think back) upgraded that but was still a crappy shave really, never close and got irritation from all the multiple passes needed. Thought I'd get a straight again already had loads of stones from my bushcrafting, managed to finally get a edge on one and the rest is history.

    I love it because it's a time in the days I shave that is mine, I love it because you are forced in a indirect way to your fullest concentration and in today world it's helpful for my mind, I love it becuase it's about the only pampering I ever get,lol.. And I'm also a self confessed sharp object lover..

    I only wish I started earlier
    A motto I've carried thru life:

    I have no use for anything dull, in my life.

    Been putting steel to stone since I was pre teen.
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    I appreciate all your guys stories ! Happy to see this thread keeps going!

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