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Thread: Default "Target" for <username> Button

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharptonn View Post
    Click on your own name and then latest posts on the left? It's all you. Click on those and then go up or down.
    That's MY "latest posts". I began this thread as an observation about an issue with the unavoidable two-step procedure to access "New Posts". It would not be necessary if "New Posts" was available on the Home page menu bar. There are other two-step variations: Click "Forum", "Buy/Sell/Trade", "Paid Subscriptions", or "Settings" -- any of these brings you to the menu bar with "New Posts" available. I simply noticed that clicking my username on the Home page defaulted to "My Activity:All", rather than "My Activity:JBHoren". Still seems silly to me, but that's the way it is.

    Regardless, the results displayed by clicking "Find latest posts" is exactly the same as clicking "My Activity:JBHoren" (except "Find latest posts" moves the display from "My Activity" to a search-generated listing. Given the choice, I'll always opt for the "My Activity:JBHoren" display, which enables me to quickly move between the different views (All, JBHoren, Friends, Subscriptions, and Photos), as well as access "About Me" info and a list of my SRP "Friends".

    To see front page when logging in, simply go to home page and bookmark it as SRP home page on Your toolbar.
    Save a Link to your desktop too. BAM!
    The default view for IS the Home page.
    I'd give it all up, for just a little more.

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    Can't help you there, JB .
    I wish you success!
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    Pretty sure Ivan ant going to change it for an odd member request, see if you can petition a couple hundred, then maybe. But I like it the way it is
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    I think someday in the future (I hope) Gugi will finally upgrade to the newer forum style like Shaun keeps bringing up. Other forums are using it and I like it. Dont know if JB will like it.
    It's just Sharpening, right?

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