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Thread: ADA Compliance

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    Quote Originally Posted by thebigspendur View Post
    The problem with Tort Reform is it hits everyone. If you limit awards then when you are involved in something and you life is forever altered and you are a true victim via negligence and you can only get chicken feed you might feel differently.
    Damages should be actual damages though. The way things are in the US, people regard it as winning the jackpot.
    Additionally, making it so that you always have to pay the lawyer a) discourages lawyers from just throwing around lawsuits to see if anything sticks b) discourages people from suing unless they have an actual case they can win.

    Take this example about some guy 'representing' disabled people and making ADA claims. 25K per person is a number based on jack shit because a) those people were not actually users of the website, and b) they didn't have actual damages.
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    Is a forum a business site?
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    The problem here is not just with lawyers. It is also with insurance companies. They act as though they are enemies each blaming the other for the problem but in reality they are both making a killing off of us. Insurance companies raise everyone's rates through the roof because of lawsuits and they have the government forcing us to have it. Then the lawyers tell us they have plenty of OUR money so let's get back what's yours. And people are so stupid they let their greed drag them right into the middle of it.

    There's an accident attorney here that advertises on TV. We call him beady eyes because he looks like the guy from Dick Tracey. It's a running joke that all the people on his commercials look like there's nothing wrong with them. "I was hit by a careless driver. The insurance company wanted to give me a small settlement but Dan made them pay me $10,000,000! Thanks Dan!" What they DON'T say is that good ol' Dan got half of that money. Meanwhile the insurance company raises rates again and that 10 mil is like a drop in the bucket compared to their total earnings. If you ask me they should BOTH be outlawed.

    Or maybe what they should do is when a lawsuit is filed they should take the insurance company CEO and the lawyer and put them in a cage and have them fight to the death and the winner has to pay the settlement.
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