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    Yes, thanks Jerry for all of your efforts.

    I've been around this place from pretty much day one and before and unfortunately there is a bit of shrinkage going on here. I wish I had a magic solution to reverse the process but I don't.

    I guess it is what it is.
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    It is indeed unfortunate that the giveaway is disappearing. I benefited from it as did many others and it was something many of us looked forward to each month.

    Jerry, you did a masterful job herding the cats, getting things organized and contacting the winners. You and the donors provided a wonderful addition to SRP.

    I suppose the reduction in activity is a natural happening given the aging of our membership. There seem to be a lot of members from the past who don’t connect any longer with the fora. It would be wonderful if we could find a way to get them back in touch.
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    Thanks Jerry. You're a good man, I don't care what anybody says.

    I never participated but I know you put a lot of work into it. Admirable commitment to the task for sure.
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    It's sad to see the giveaways disappear, but understandable I suppose. Thanks to Jerry and SRP for keeping it going as long as it did!

    I've had so little time for myself that my shaving hobby had been put on pause for a while, so I'm not on SRP much these days (although it doesn't stop me from buying stones and razors).

    This forum has been so great to me, and one of the big reasons was the generosity of other members when I was first starting out (with extremely limited funds). This allowed me to follow my interests, but also inspired me to pass along that generosity to others once I had the means. I only occasionally participated in the giveaways and never won any, but I felt it was an important part of the forum because it was representative of the generous spirit of the place. It's actually really interesting that even though the giveaways will stop, there still seems to be a bunch of gear ready to be given away.
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    Thanks Jerry for all you did running this. I hope as more people become involved you guys can do something like this again in the future...

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    Thank you Jerry for having organized these all this time. I’ve donated twice in earlier years and was actually on the brink of donating again, since I need room in my drawers
    I guess it’s been said before above, but it would be great to see the community grow again.
    The giveaways always were great for those starting out.

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    You can always send it to my pocket/Collection. I'd be willing to sacrifice my storage for a few of your things @sashimi. Kidding.
    Thanks. I'm hoping things may come back to life at a later date.
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