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    Does anyone else shave with old car springs?

    I have a bunch of Nepalese khukuris made out of German lorry leaf-springs. But no razors, as far as I know.

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    Review of the Fine SS New LC Homage DE Safety Razor

    I was getting haircuts in the 50,s also, and shaves were not their bread and butter. And I never seen anyone lay out a barber because the shave wasn’t

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    The C. Virus and human reaction

    That chicken or egg first paradox may be a false dichotomy. It assumes that one or the other must be true. Alternately, the solution may be some other,

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    Hi all!

    Nice. Looks like you have a fondness for synthetic brushes. The wife bought me one recently which was my first synth brush and I'll have to admit I like

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    The Wordless Picture Thread

    Yeah some people got caught but unlike the drive-in at the drag strip you parked and got out to sit in the bleachers. This was just the Saturday night

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    The Wordless Picture Thread

    Tight turns were tough for sure but it had a smoooooth ride. Plus it had power steering not power assisted steering. You have your right arm around your

    PaulFLUS Yesterday, 11:16 PM Go to last post
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