• How to find SRP members in your area.....

    How to find members in your area
    This is a sticky but worth putting up front


    I just had a request for the process to locating members in North Carolina. Here is my response. I hope it helps others...........

    Good morning

    This is not a secret process. It is just buried a bit. Here are the steps........
    Front page
    Member list
    Search Members ( Not the Google custom search box but lower on the right side of the screen)
    Advanced search
    From the search screen you can specify a number of criteria. In your case use the "Location" field and enter Carolina or NC or N.C. or major cities in that state etc
    But only enter one at a time. The system will not handle multiple entries.
    A list of names will appear next. From the list you need to click on each one and then click on the "about me" tab and look at the location to make sure they are in your search area.
    If so then you can send that person a PM or emai (Email is far more effective).
    A vast majority of members do not enter a location in their profile.

    It is a tedious process but really rewarding when the a group meeting is finally put together.

    Here is a short cut to the search screen.........

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