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    I hone a lot of new Dovo’s and TI’s, occasionally they come with pretty good edges, and on some very close to actual shave ready, that a touch

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    Sunday May 31 ~ Saturday June 6

    Friday's Shave
    'Granite & Lace'

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    JNAT Triboluminance:or Pizzaelectric Effect

    Marty-I have very little experience with JNats, having only owned a few Shoubodanis, but I watched in wonder as this happened when I honed on them. As

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    After two months of use, my razors (Luna, Kama, Dovo) having known only the strop, begin to feel fatigue. Would you believe that the best is the Dovo

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    SOTD 20200605 Dolcezza

    SOTD 20200605 Dolcezza
    by IschiaPP @ Forio
    Omega S10077 S-Brush Blue 22x50x101mm
    Taylor Of Bond Street Lavender

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    New Coal Forge

    Thank you. The barn has been a huge blessing for us in many ways. This is a remote area and it has it's challenges, but it has its perks as well.

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