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    Looking to start making scales and I'm wondering if a Dremel in a stand would be accurate enough to drill holes in scales. I'm not really wanting to buy a bench mounted drill as I'm not planning to do all that many (famous last words!) Would the Dremel be good enough to get going? I don't think drilling by hand would work for me, I'm not that skilful.


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    Interesting W&B find.

    Just thinking, some things like coins and stamps for example are worth a lot if they have mistakes.

    That spelling mistake must make it

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    Sun 26th Sun - Sat 2nd Jul

    Happy birthday, Pete. Hope you had a great one

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    The last statistics I seen on gun ownership for the US......6 weapons per person of legal age of 18. That's average. Some, like myself, have way

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    51 MG restoration.

    Advance it til it rattles, Mike. Back it off til it don't. See how it starts-up.
    You should really see what total advance is up to 3000 RPM...

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    Interesting W&B find.

    I think it was just a simple spelling mistake. Literacy rates for the working class at the time were quite low.

    Nice rat(t)ler by the way

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    I'm all shook-up!

    Yes! Good for wrapping tasty morsels!

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    I use bacon "bits&pieces" when I am cooking for myself. I use thick cut bacon when cooking for others.

    Never maple flavor

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