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    Good Razor Sharpening/Reapir Service

    You have made a fine decision.. Brad his wife & crew are top notch.. Their business is within 4hrs drive so have visited a number of times..They will

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    What are you listening to?

    Another really cool one worth checking out, Oz. Synthstrom Audible // Deluge.

    Oh all those pretty colors. I want to delve into music here

    Speedster Today, 05:51 AM Go to last post

    Different stones for different metals

    it's an interesting idea. I would totally agree that a skilled should be able to get a high quality edge off of any high quality hone, but maybe more

    ppetresen Today, 05:40 AM Go to last post

    Newbie question

    humidity should not affect the leather, I would say quite the oposite... maybe the hardware parts on some strops could be affected in a very humid environment,

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    Gabrielcr78 Kangaroo strop

    thanks for the kind words my friend,l'm glad you liked it and I hope you enjoy it several years!


    gabrielcr78 Today, 04:45 AM Go to last post

    What are you working on?

    Every one of these, gave me the most comfortable shaves I've ever had. Not to say I don't have other razors that shave as nice, but razors from this

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