• Is this Cell Rot ?

    Cell Rot


    I have already lost a lovely razor because cell rot. Back then I wasnít aware of the disease at all and the diagnosis was made in this forum.

    The following is a razor that I just received from an auction. It is a well preserved vintage razor that I liked a lot. Especially the scales.
    As soon as I opened the box I saw some signs of rust. I can deal with it and it doesnít bother me. However, I remember that the razor I lost from cell rot in the past began as a rust. I didnít bother back then, but after 6 months the razor was dead.

    Fact is I really like these scales and I certainly donít want to change them just in case this is indeed cell rot. So, I wonder if there is anyone here that can be certain that this is, or this is not cell rot.

    Thank you very much.

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