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    A couple of quetions about hones

    Yes...in the aspect of restoration of heavy, near wedges.
    I have the Naniwa, 220,400,600,800.

    Only reason I have the 220, is for

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    Covid first hand experience

    If you want to wear a mask and get vaccinated, by all means feel free to do so.

    Don’t tell me I have to. I won’t.

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    Covid first hand experience

    I worked in a clean room for years, 12 hour shifts wearing a face mask. I never experienced nor heard of anybody having issues with wearing a mask. Me

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    Covid first hand experience

    At this point both sides think the other is about as bright as a bag of hammers. Further talk at that point makes as much sense as urinating into the

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    A couple of quetions about hones

    First letís separate two issue. Restoration and general honing. I do a lot of restoration work, particularly on heavier grands, as a result, I get some

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    Covid first hand experience

    Yea these guys are really working overtime.

    For the millionth time masks DO NOT STOP MICROBES. They stop the moisture droplets which contain

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