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Thread: What got you guys into straight razor shaving?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cutlersdream View Post
    I think I was in my mid 20's got my first straight didn't have a clue how to sharpen it or even what stones to use. Before that I was a cartridge banger not liking spending all that dollar on them so got given a electric one (utter crap when I think back) upgraded that but was still a crappy shave really, never close and got irritation from all the multiple passes needed. Thought I'd get a straight again already had loads of stones from my bushcrafting, managed to finally get a edge on one and the rest is history.

    I love it because it's a time in the days I shave that is mine, I love it because you are forced in a indirect way to your fullest concentration and in today world it's helpful for my mind, I love it becuase it's about the only pampering I ever get,lol.. And I'm also a self confessed sharp object lover..

    I only wish I started earlier
    A motto I've carried thru life:

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    Been putting steel to stone since I was pre teen.
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    I appreciate all your guys stories ! Happy to see this thread keeps going!

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    I hated my electric shavers, and decided to try something very different around 2005, experimenting with all sorts of wet shaving. I bought both a standard plastic Gilette multiblade and a straight razor at about the same time. At first, I was asking around why my straight razor felt so awful compared to the "normal" razor. I got confirmed from several people I trust (both in real life and online) that straight razor CAN be as good or better when sharpened properly and done right. So I got stubborn: unlike some friends of mine who gave up, I kept pushing to get it right.
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    My first shaves were with a brand new adjustable Gillette long handle, and I believe Personna 74 blades though it might have been Gillette Spoilers. After several years I gravitated to the new fangled Mach 3, bypassing all the other cart crap. Stuck with the Mach for a while, brief forays into Schick Injector which was still a thing, and electrics, both foil and rotary types. Then I saw a Dovo Best Quality and I thought, gee, the best quality straight razor for only 70-odd bucks? That looks like a really cool way to shave. Hey, you got any of those razor straps for sale, too? I need one, right? Shoulder shrug from the clerk, asked if I was buying or just looking and blocking the view for paying customers. I walked out the door with. It was horrible. Horrible, I say, but I stuck with it and now, here I am, but funny thing, I have a bunch of razors but not one Dovo Best in the bunch.

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    Thanks for information

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    It must've been 2004 (or 5), not long after JimmyHAD moved into his condo (we're in neighboring developments). I was visiting, and while we were talking about wetshaving he showed me a few straight razors he'd picked-up years earlier, back in New Jersey. I was already a member of B&B, and thought it'd be interesting/challenging to "try my hand" at it. Well, it wasn't until late-November 2006 that I actually bought my first (a Red Imp #133 in 6/8) and, even then, a while longer until the habit "took root".
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    I wanted a straight razor shave and started researching barbers in the area that offer that service. In the search, I found the Dr. Moss article and thought, "wow, I can do this myself?" So I bought a shavette, a cheap brush, and some Edwin Jagger SeaBuckthorn to try it out. Not long after, I purchased three straight razors from the classifieds here: one fully hollow, one half hollow, and a near wedge. Still have two of those three plus many more. I have learned to sharpen on film and have restored a couple. I think I have managed to save money over store bought cartridges. Funny thing is I can use a mach 3 for over a month (but haven't used one since 2011).

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