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Thread: What's the trick with a True wedge. Help!

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    #1 -- This post is almost 10 YEARS OLD! You are a bit late to the discussion; this is what we call a necropost. "It's dead, Jim!"

    #2 -- Consider the fact that they are talking X-strokes most likely that are 45 degrees off of a straight down the hone stroke. Hopefully, you are able to breathe freely again.
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    Yeah its pretty clear he is talking about the razor's angle in relation to the hone as far as which way the spine is pointing - so not spine perpendicular to the side of the hone, but rather with the spine at a 45 angle to the side of the hone, heel leading. The razor's spine and bevel would still be lying flat in contact with the hone's top surface (aside from any slight deviation due to tape).

    And wow, holding the phone for 10 years?! Haha.

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    Thank you Gentlemen!
    Well, no, I'm not holding the phone for that long...but I am just getting into another wedge. My first was sold to me by a near perfect honemeister, and I've simply kept the edge alive since, by rotating out to DEs, SEs, Injectors, and other str8s, in fear of losing the fine work he did on the edge of this blade for me. (Which, btw, was a "Real Tally-Ho"), so, you understand my trepidation for potential disaster to this blade. So, I bought myself another wedge, finally, a cheapy...@ $45 from eBay from a guy that does lots of blades. He said shave-ready, it was about ready to shave a porcupine into a gerbil, that's about it. So, I had to work on it. Taped honing, and today was the pasted stropping. When I finished the stropping, and cleaned it, stropped linen then leather, I was ready to shave again - - now, so was this wedge. I checked on the forums for any clues, and tidbits - coming across this I read through- - then saw the 45degrees...and it clearly, was unclear to me, what was being written. But confidently, yes, that's exactly the angle of attack I hold my razor to stone for honing anyway. All is good. Thanks again fellas!

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