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Thread: Welcome: What's this forum all about, anyway?

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    Default Welcome: What's this forum all about, anyway?

    First off we would like to welcome everyone to the advanced honing forum...

    Your Moderators for this forum are Jimmy aka JimmyHAD and Glen aka gssixgun

    The purpose of having a separate advanced forum is this in a nutshell...

    The trouble with honing is that most of us aren't content to just get a good shaving edge. No, we want the ultimate shaving edge.

    This lifelong pursuit naturally involves the acquisition of all manner of exotic hones. Then there are the new techniques you'll try on those hones. And the odd sharpening mediums you'll seek out
    But for the new guys, this stuff can quickly become overwhelming.

    So we created the Advanced Honing section for discussion and questions of a more esoteric nature.

    We ask that the more skilled members be mindful of the new Honer's need for clear, simple answers. Help them out, but don't overwhelm them. When they're ready, they'll find their way here.

    Also on the reverse of that, we ask that more general honing questions and topics be placed in the "Honing Forum"...

    Jimmy and I both are always available for questions and many times you can find me in the Chat room...

    Both of us love to talk about where the stone meets the steel

    Any suggestions for this forum should go straight to our PM's

    Jimmy & Glen
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