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Thread: Hones & Advertising... Was it similar to Matchbooks?

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    Default Hones & Advertising... Was it similar to Matchbooks?

    Vintage "Swastika" Cut Throat Straight Razor Barber's Hone | eBay

    Saw this and initially thought it was a 'bad' thing but then searched here and on Wikipedia and found that the swastika is going the opposite direction of the Nazi type... Turns out this one is used in, I believe it was Hindu, religion and is a symbol helping you channel your Higher Self/Growth.

    I've seen hones with all different types of things on them and was wondering if it was advertising for a business (I have a KeenKutter hone as well as a couple razors so thought that likely...), or maybe as a product/process advertisement like with this Swastika hone. I remember my Grandparents did just a ton of traveling and they would grab matchbooks with all manner of advertisements on them and was wondering if it was similar with hones; or at least some hones.

    Thanks in advance for any and all information!


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    I have one, there's a photo of it in the barber hone section of the library. There are threads on this topic buried in the forum, but I have never been able to get a clear answer on your question. I would like to know the answer too.
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