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Thread: Escher for a Bargain

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    Cool Escher for a Bargain

    I follow the going price of Eschers on EBay as a mild curiosity and good replacement for HAD. Turns out not all the Eschers are going for crazy money (like one recently that went for $1200+). Here's one that went for $205.50

    Vintage J G Escher Sohn Genuine Water Razor Hone Germany | eBay

    Anyway, this should provide hope for those of you here whom still covet an Escher. Keep your eyes peeled and your fingers crossed!

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    I follow them as well. For a time they were going for crazy money. Averaging around $900. Matter of fact I happen to know the seller and the one that 'went for $1,200.00' wasn't paid for. The seller sold it for $970 with a 'second chance offer' to the third highest bidder. Still a tidy sum. In the past 5 or so years I have seen them ebb and flow cost wise. An Escher with good back and end label, nice size used to go for $400 to $600 say 5 years ago. Now it seems they can go up into the 1k range if there are two or more prospective buyers who get into a bidding war.
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