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Thread: wheeling 'n' dealing!

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    Lightbulb wheeling 'n' dealing!


    Well I've sort of have developed a RAD and i need some help to try slimming down the collection.
    I've been wondering how to do that, and I'm surprised that I havn't found any thread about this yet.... this will be one I hope!

    Here are some topics that I hope to get some more insight to.

    1, How do you put up a decent ad in classifieds? There is some said on how to descirbe razors and so on but what should an ad consist of, is there a consensus?

    2, Payment, paypal or what?

    3, Shipping, I'm located in scandinavia what shipping solutions do you recommend?

    4, Last it would be great to have a chapter in the wiki on these subjects, perhaps this could be a contribution to the heritage!

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    You haven't found any threads on that simply because sales talk is not allowed on the forum.
    Once you reach the required post count and the required time as a member, posting ads in the classifieds are pretty much straight forward.
    The reasons for these rules, as I understand them, is to avoid people coming in here just to make a few bucks flipping ebay(or tradera) specials.
    This site is about wet shaving, we all share and learn about our hobby.
    I hope that helped
    Um, all of them, any of them that have been in front of me over all these years....

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    Well, that did not help.

    Perhaps a more formal presentation is needed in the first post ever?

    I've been lurking this forum for some years now, as a passive non member and for a year a passive member until now. Been shaving with a straight four years now, pretty much locked down a one handed routine now. Although I think i'll try to go for a more dual approach soon.
    I mostly use swedish steel, but some german, french and english aswell. I hope to get my hands on some spanish, american, japanese as time goes by.

    Done some efforts to restore a few blades, but i really need to figure out how polish steel a bit less laboursome. Also I need material for pins, something I can't seem to find locally.

    A year ago my collection doubled x20, and it's simply to big for me to enjoy on my own. Hence the reason for me to break the silence!

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    Welcome out of the lurking shadows... It is really easy to acquire a sizeable "collection" of shaving tools indeed. My tastes change from time to time and I change things up myself. The use of the classifieds for sale to other enthusiasts is as the previous gentleman stated, a feature that has some strings attached as to the rules of the forum. Dive in and participate in some discussions, show off your favorites with pics and prose and you will after time have the needed posts and experience to use the buy sell trade area. PLUS you'll have fun meeting the membership here and develop a much fuller use of the forums and community. Besides, we ALL like to see and talk about fine Swedish steel and it sounds like you gots da goods! Best wishes!
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