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Thread: Shave a trois'

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    Default Shave a trois'

    I wont' be updating any more, as basically, I think I got the main kinks worked out, I just need more practice.

    I stropped again 30 strokes linen 30 leather, and it was even smoother. I suspect I really schmucked up the edge the first time. Now when I run my thumbpad across the blade, it's making me nervous...

    Got a great lather today, wished I could've bottled it up and kept it for later. Stuff went on like latex paint, and nice and slick. Less water, more whipping. Didn't realize I needed to bulk-up my wrist and forearm muscles to shave.

    Nicest thing is no razor burn, no little rash everywhere, *This* will keep me shaving, rather than putting it off until the missus won't smooch me anymore...

    Much thanks for all the good advice, and for this forum.

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    Glad to hear things are working out, mrcpu. Yeah, the lathering up can cause some serious muscle fatigue - I've been half-seriously considering mocking up an attachment on my power drill for my brush (wife won't let me use the mix-master... ).

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    I used to whip the lather like you guys do, and then I tried lathering on my face. It cut the shave time down, since I was combining lathering and prep. And the lather has been great, since I find that the circular motion on my face builds it better than the whipping motion in the mug.

    If you're interested in trying it out, do a search on face lathering. There was a thread a few weeks back that was pretty good.

    Just a thought,

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