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Thread: Razor burn help needed

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    I don't have a prep routine other than wetting my face with cold water. I then face lather and shave, repeat twice more and done. On the first pass I use an angle of about two blade widths but use less of an angle each additional pass going with the spine almost flat to my face on the last pass ATG. I try very hard to really use very light pressure on the blade. Post is Alum block followed by AS. If all goes according to plan there is little to no irritation.

    I am thinking the key areas for a comfortable shave are a very good lather, a sharp but smooth blade edge, little to no pressure on the blade and reducing the angle on the blade to match the pass you are doing.

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    I don't like to advertise any, but you should look into some healing salve from "healin hollers" I've used it for cuts, bruises, a couple of mild burns and always had pretty good results as far as relief. However I've never tried it for razor burn.
    It's all herbal based if that's any kind of concern for ya, and they print right on the label what alls in it. In fact if your of the make-it-yourself variety you could probably look up a similar recipe and make some yourself.

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