Congrats, sound like you are off to a good start. Like all have said so far, when you start out with a straight it is pretty slow going with the shaving and soap drying out is common. You could re lather the dry parts as you get to them or just lather the part you want to work on as you go.

It is also easy to make the lather too thick/pasty which will let it dry out quicker too. You could try adding a bit of water but not to the point of having it runny. It can be hard to find the right soap to water ratio to get a good lather.

I don't know if going to MWF will give you more lubrication over what you are using now and some find it finicky to lather. I have and use both Proraso and MWF and if you get the lather right both seem to lubricate well enough. Maybe just play around with how much water you use to make the lather.