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Thread: First time information

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    Default First time information

    My fiancÚ has been talking non stop about straight razors. I would love to get him one for his up coming birthday, problem is I know nothing about straight razors. I have been reading a ton about them online. I've read a lot about how great Dovo razors are. Does anyone have any recommendations for someone on a budget looking for a great quality razor?

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    My advice would be to look at Straight Razor Designs. They carry Dovo Best Quality as well as Ralf Aust-both would be good choices for someone starting out. By going with a vendor like SRD you know the razor is ready to shave when it arrives. Your fiancÚ will also need a strop, brush, and cream.

    This recent thread might help out:
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    Can't go wrong with srd . A read here might help.

    Straight Razor Place Wiki - Straight Razor Place Wiki
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    The most important thing is getting a shave-ready razor. Unfortunately, there are many vendors who sell crap and use the word "shave-ready" to attract more clients. As such, I would recommend you take a look at the Classifieds here, Straight Razor Designs or Whipped Dog (good for people on a budget). There are more reputable vendors, these are just a few.

    If in doubt, post a link here to a product you consider buying and let people advise you on its quality.

    Good luck! Wish my girlfriend bought me razors
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    From what I've seen, Dovo razors would have the best balance between price and quality. The thing is though, they only come machine honed, and so a brand new one can't be used. If you choose to get your fiance one, you'll need to allow time for this. If you're in america, I've heard that members on here, especially Lynn, will create a gold standard.

    Only other things you'll need, for now, would be a strop, a brush and some soap/ cream. A bowl would be good too, but not necessary.

    Shavenation does some pretty good stuff.

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