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Thread: Dovo Bergischer Lowe Rust - Bad Luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bouschie View Post
    I think you should be able to clean it up with real fine emery cloth or steel wool and then polish with metal polish. I would put a drop of oil on the pivot point. After shaving and drying with a tissue give it about 8 passes on each side of the blade on the strop. Store in a place where the blade is not enclosed and can breath. I do this and have never had a rust problem or a problem with waterspots on the blade.
    Be warned that this will also remove the very thin gold wash! I'm not sure if you can remove the rust and keep the gold wash underneath.
    I want a lather whip

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    Quote Originally Posted by pixelfixed View Post
    These rust posts amaze me as I have never had a razor rust and all by razors are old carbon steel blades.
    As above, pay attention to how you rinse your blade,is no need to get the tang or pivot area wet.
    After your done shaving, rinse the blade in the hottest water that can come out of the tap (is about 140degs max) no it will not effect the temper.
    wipe the blade with tissue,the blade will still be hot,set it down on a washcloth.
    Rinse your brush,splash on whatever fru-fru juice you use and by that time the blade will have dried itself,strop if you must,a little mineral oil maybe,put the blade away,never an issue.
    Like you I have never had an issue - apart from this one razor. Unlike the Filarmonicas and Pumas, the band on the BL is not tight, therefore it's quite easy for moisture to creep underneath and then you can't get at it to perform the usual cleaning routine.

    Like I said, the best thing is to take it off so that you can ensure the tang is properly dry. In terms of handling, there is no noticeable difference either with or without the rubber.

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    Indeed, the rubber on the tang in the BL is utterly useless

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