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Thread: "Free" Cremo Shave Cream and products (100 percent mail-in rebate)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siguy View Post
    When you buy it from Amazon, the rebate is still available?
    Doesn't look like it - the rebate page says in red that online purchases are not eligible. I didn't really read it though, I just saw they had prominently posted their amazon rating on the front page and thought it's probably eligible, but it isn't.
    I've had the cream for a year and haven't tried it (too many favorites already), but could've given the face wash or the moisturizer a try if it were available locally. I just finished a couple of my aftershaves but meanwhile the weather has gotten much more conductive to using alt innsbruck (great favorite but during summer it's a bit too much for me).

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    I just shaved for the second time using Cremo..results were outstanding...and NO, I don't own stock in the company!

    For this shave I mixed it ahead of time with the Uber lather ( soapy water-glycerine-Cremo-soap loaded brush) rather than applying it directly to my face. It made a great lather: thick, slick and fluffy. The shave was with a classic 6/8 Jonathan Brooks Hollow of my favorite non-wedge blades.

    Two passes and a smooth BBS shave...irritation free. I am sold after two shaves with this product, and feel that I will continue to use it each time I shave, subject only to trying other manufacturers product lines.

    I give it an enthusiastic "try it" recommendation...

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    Shaved with the Cremo today. Loved it. not at first. Let me explain after I recap my method.

    I followed the SRP uberlather wiki with the Proraso(the green one) being my soap. It lathered up like I have yet to see to date.

    The smell. At first smell at opening, I smelled what I would describe as a powdered SunnyD smell. Not too nice. As I began to work the lather, the smell slowly morphed into a softer orangy GoJo smell(smell getting better). By the time I was slathering the stuff all over my face, the smell was a treat. Combined with the eucalyptis and stuff in the Proraso and the orange creame smell, sensory stimulation abounded. Between the skin feel of the Proraso and the combined smells, it was a completely new experience to me.

    I enjoyed the feel and smell so much that after I had finished shaving completely, I fully relathered and left the lather there while cleaning, CrOxing and oiling the blade. Kept the lather on while I cleaned the brush, soap dish, scuttle, etc. Finally, I washed it off and I was a little sad to see sooo much lather having to be washed away between the scuttle leftovers and my face.

    I tried the facewash today and it did the job, but I have little to compare it to. But for a 100 percent refund, face feels pretty darn clean!

    Hope my experience helps. It was just amazing to me how the smells of the Cremo shave cream morphed so distinctly throught the Uberlathering.

    ps-I had a BBS today to boot. However, lend NO weight to the BBS being a result of the Cremo, though it may have "helped" a little.
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