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Thread: How to tell if my lather is right

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    For me there isn't much difference in soaps or creams. But I like my Tabac, T&H Tobs, just to name a few. I bowl lather and add watter to the brush. For me I like it when it slowly drips down the neck, that's my sign that its wet enough. YMMV.

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    Yeah, like MVcrash said, it depends what you want. I find I can make a lather that's too 'gluggy', too dense, I need some glide and some cushion, too little water and it's too gluggy and the razor digs in, too MUCH water and there's no cushion. Some bubbles to provide the cushion, but not too many. However, for a second pass (what i do one) i add more water to the lather to provide more slickness. Some do a second or third pass with JUST water.

    It's just experimentation, and all creams and soaps lather differently, mixes are great, i.e. soap and cream (a Superlather) or soap, cream and glycerine (NOT Vaseline) to make a Überlather.
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    I keep a tub of AOS non scented shave cream so I can enjoy the scent of some of the soaps and add a little cream for thickness. I like mine dense, a little less than from the can. Either way, enjoy the search.
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    Quote Originally Posted by carlmaloschneider View Post
    It's just experimentation, and all creams and soaps lather differently, mixes are great, i.e. soap and cream (a Superlather) or soap, cream and glycerine (NOT Vaseline) to make a Überlather.
    Yeah, I am glad more people are using "super" over "uber" as a prefix, it is much nicer. And give up on the Vaseline jibes Mr smartypants. I have read a few threads where people used Vaseline, it doesn't work by the way, and Carl won't let me forget it.
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    Easiest way to tell is make it dryer and if you don't like it add water till you find YOUR sweet spot. If it gets to wet you know you've gone to far and where to stop next time. All you can do is experiment till you find out
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    Quote Originally Posted by nessmuck View Post
    If your making it in a scuttle ....shake the water out of the brush after it has soaked. Now with the damp brush...load it with MWF swirling 35-40 times,then put an almond size dollup of Tebac cream in the scuttle and take the loaded brush and start swirling ..after a minute..add ten drops of water..swirl 1 more minute..when you pull the brush out should have a stiff peak of lather that wont lay to one side or the other .kinda looks like cool whip. If no stiff peaks...more swirling . If you start off with too much water in your brush your never going to get good lather.
    I tried this method this morning. Worked great. Small bubbles and plenty of thick foam that didn't dry too quickly. I got it all mixed up, lathered my face, picked up my sharpest razor...and dropped it in the sink! My heart sank! First time I've done that. I picked up my backup razor and finished the shave. Folded the edge over near the toe. Going to need a re-hone. Sad start to the day...but still had a good shave

    Thanks for all the advise.

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    If you make it like I did this morning, you did it wrong.

    Seriously though. Lots of good advice here. All I can say is practice. With experience you just learn to "know" when it's right.

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