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    Default Honing stone - New Zealand

    Hey all,
    Have been bought two blades after constant pestering and one thing I am a we bit lost with is the honing stone.
    First of all, I don't have one and I am wondering what one to get. I have been looking and doing some research and from what I have read I may need a 4000 and a 8000 grit stone, is this correct?

    One of my blades is an old Bengall bought for about $12 which I will be testing on.
    My other blade is a H. Boker of which I will admire until I gain experience.

    So, I had my first shave with the Boker as is said 'shave ready' but I either had the angle wrong (probs) OR it wasn't as sharp as it needed to be. I did manage to shave with it, but not as close and was a slight tug. Nevertheless, I still continued and only had one tiny nick on my chin.

    So apart from my babbling, I need to get a stone(s) can anyone pleeeease give me some advice on what ones to buy or even links of some cheap ones.

    Man thanks,

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    Hi Munster

    I too have bought a "shave ready" blade in New Zealand that was NOT truly shave ready. Fortunately it was my second blade so I knew what "shave ready" should feel like. That was also my introduction to honing and this site has a bunch of extremely knowledgeable and helpful people!

    I've had dealings with "Gentleman's Blade" for supply and honing services, based in Auckland, and can vouch for them. From memory they charge approx. nz$20 for a single blade.

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