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Thread: Barbershop comparison

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    You guys are lucky to have real barbers around, the shop i went to growing up stopped using straights and switched to mach3 after the older barber retired and his apprentice took over.

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    Sure enough, there's plenty of good advice and experience here in this thread. The only thing that I can say that many of these have eluded to is that in time you will become more accustomed to the feel of the blade on your face and the maneuver thereof. That coupled with how much pressure you apply will leap you forward toward your goal. One other thing of significance, get good at stropping on a good strop. Make it as natural as can be yet pay close attention to the sound and feel. The need to learn and do honing well goes unsaid but, good stropping can cover a lot of shortcomings in the edge.

    I too, have a Spartacus. That thing is nearly as hard as a housewife's heart and falls a very near second in sharpness to her tongue. It is a real nice shaver, one of my favorites.


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