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Thread: What do i need to start SR shaving?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cudarunner View Post

    Welcome! As a vet who was stationed in Norfolk in the early 70ís I thank you for your service!!

    I trust that the D & S piers are still looking good!

    PM me and send me your address and Iíll give you a shave ready razor! Nothing fancy but a solid shaver! You will love the curve ball about its origins when you get it!

    gugi has pretty much said it all, however I will add that you need to be patient and learn to properly strop as stropping is your friend! Being in close quarters a small paddle strop would be very handy!

    Smooth Sailing and:

    Sanfte Rasur, mein Klingenbruder!

    (Smooth Shaving My Brother In Blades)
    Thank you for your service.
    Cudarunner good deal. That is a great thing you are doing sending justice a razor. Bravo Zulu

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    I always seem to give the same advice, but being military to military, I know how very short our money ends up sometimes. Check out whipped dog. Sure you could get a new razor, but for the money, whipped dog razors are a great bang for the buck...especially if you are not yet sure if it is what you want. I've got 8 razors now that I've been drawn into it, but until recently, my best razor of all of them was my whipped dog. It's still a great shave,, but it's been outdid by a ralf Aust. However, the difference there is a $30 whipped dog razor vs a $160 ralf Aust. You do the math.
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    Thank you very much cudarunner i'll send you my info in a minute. I really appreciate all the help ya'll have been. Great advice I will be grabbing a strop and some extra disposable blades for my razor. there is a local antique shop that has some old straights that I'll practice with. Good idea on giving a cold shave a try because we do lose hot water from time to time. This is a great group of people very welcoming. timing to start reading about strops and stropping thanks again everyone.
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    Don't forget to adjust to the "real" blade, as i've seen about 15 posts to the effect of "hey this razor ain't sharp" when fellows were switching from replaceable SR-type/shavettes to a bona fide Straight Razor. Seems the angles are bit different. Lynn mentions this in his shaving vid.

    Enjoy. I think every man needs at least one backup razor, in case of damage or dullness or flood...

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