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Thread: First Straight Shave today!

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    Cool First Straight Shave today!

    So i sit home anxiously waiting for my razor from SRD to arrive but weather
    has it coming a bit late. I already had soap and all ready to roll.
    I get my Ralf Aust 6/8 out of the box and wow. Its is pretty.

    now since ordering i had watched countless videos and read alot on technique, ect and felt fairly confident i would still have my ears afterward.

    So i prep, chill and get ready to enjoy.... The blade touches my face and all of a sudden i get a bit of "Oh Hell" nerves. Ok the 1st pass ( ever i remind) was a little slow and unsure, but no blood in sight. ( whew)

    So decided to do another wtg pass. ( practice practice) the 2nd was much easier and nerves were gone. Went for the hat trick. 3rd was a mix cross grain and wtg. But .... My face remains intact

    anyway ,best shave i have had in years ( and def i can improve technique).

    thanks for all the info you fellas have posted helped a ton!
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    Ahhhh....we never forget our first...just go slow and respect the took me 3 months to get up the sac to do an up stroke on my throat....if it was easy,every one would do it...enjoy

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    Welcome to SRP and congrats on a nice result for your first attempt. Once you got past that initial trepidation you found a more confident feel. Only suggestion is don't overtax your skin in the beginning by doing too many passes. If you don't get it all after 2 wait until the next day. Once your skin gets used to this new way of shaving then 2 to 3 passes max should do it every time.
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    Congrats...takes time.

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