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    Default DOVO 38-580 for first razor

    Hello All,

    I recently ordered my first straight razor. It is a DOVO 38-580 from Heimerdinger Cutlery in Louisville, Kentucky. This razor is a 1/2 hollow ground (Heimerdinger's catalog says 'double hollow ground', but DOVO's catalog says '1/2 hohl'), 5/8" razor, carbon steel with black scales.

    Has anyone used this model before, and if so, any thoughts as to it being a 'first razor'?

    I chose the 1/2 hollow due to the additional weight and 5/8" for the flexibility. I hope my assumptions were correct.

    My second razor is already lined up. My mother told me that I can have my grandfather's straight razor (condition unknown). It will probably need polishing. It will definitely need honing, as it hasn't been used in almost 30 years. I hope I can restore it back to service.

    I cannot wait to get these razors. I am so tired of the instruments of Messrs. Gillette and Schick, and the torture I endured for over thirty years.


    Also since I am posting this, is there anyone on this forum that is from Kentucky?

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    I don't have the numbers on hand but it looks like what I have been using in some of my sets over the past 2 years. Fine razor and takes an edge well. They save money simply but them being unembelished with all the fancy etching and designs.

    You'll be fine with it. You will need to have it honed though as it will not be shave ready out of the box.

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