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Thread: Antique/old straight razors help

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    Default Antique/old straight razors help

    I am jumping in with both feet and ordering my first straight this weekend, wish me luck. On that note my inlaws have taken notice to my new interest in shaving with a straight razor and have brought to my attention a family heirloom. Some great great great great relative had a straight razor shaving kit in a box and i guess it has unopened soaps and creams in paper wrappings and there is also a strop and a razor. Obviously used and when i receive this item i will post pics of everything because i have NO IDEA what to look for besides the obvious metal issues on the blade. I have a nice collection of knifes some of which are very old, and i know some of the issues with this. But i am hoping its a razor i can use, and would like to ask. What i am i looking for when examining the razor? besides rust and pitting and bad sharping/honing?

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    Hope that celluloid rot hasn't killed the whole thing and that the strop isn't cracked up. Stiff is fine, it'll relax. Don't force it.

    First thing is note how the razor opens and CLOSES, because if you pop it open and find a beautiful blade then carelessly swing it closed and the blade whacks the scales you'll be very sick. It will damage the blade and might damage the scales. Pivots must be tight. Scales can shrink, warp, and deteriorate.

    What turns me off a blade is uneven or excessive hone wear, nicks more than a bevel deep. Oh there's more. Pics will really make this go better.

    Maybe it's a real beauty.

    Welcome, congrats, and good luck!
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    Well, when you post a pic you will get better comments. I think you covered most of them. In an heirloom situation it doesn't matter what it looks like if you can clean it up and use it :<0) They have their own special.
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