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Thread: Straight Razor nostalgia from a newbie (LONG)

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    the barber shop I grew up with had 3 scents of aftershave clubman original , bay rum and we all called it lilac water most shops ive been in were pinuad clubman supplied and the clubman talc on the brush memories thanks tc
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    Hi Newbie,

    I agree and have had the same memories (70 years ago! though), except for the shave. The smell - go to and look up their Booster Polar Ice after shaves from Canada. They have the smell of our real barbershops. Good shaving.

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    Thanks for a great post which brought memories and tears. Gramps has been gone for 40 some years but his memory lives on with me.
    The scents i remember best are the HESS products, Wildroot, and some unknown wondrous Bay Rum. I grew up in MN. I found some NOS HESS products and occasionally use them; still good!
    Thank you again!
    PS Only one good barber now that still Str8 shaves and he's 50 miles away. I recently heard about him.
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