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Thread: Shavette or the Real Thing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by k5MOW View Post
    One thing I have noticed is mentioned here before is the straight razor is a lot more forgiving than shavette.

    How so? Is it a control issue? The sharp edge on the shavette blade?

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    Shavettes are clearly sharper, IMHO, others here might disagree, but they'll never convince me. They are also lighter, which for some is an advantage, others a disadvantage. No fuss,stropping, honing or sharpening, either...good for some, not good for others who enjoy doing those things. Half of a DE blade is shorter, which can make it easier to get those tough hollows of the neck. I find the shavette really requires a VERY light touch and pay close attention to the "landing", when the blade first touches the skin.

    My opinion is to start with the shavette, as the investment is small and you can learn the basic movements by using the shavette without a blade in it, until it feels comfortable in your hands (yeah, learn to use both).

    Just one man's opinion....

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    I started with a traditional straight razor, but only really because i did, in some ways i woudnt have minded a shavette to start but didnt ever get one, and if i bought one now i doubt i would use it, though part of that might be because i have invested time and money into hones etc now. Also no matter how nice a shavette is it is still a razor blade holder, rather than the real thing.
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    Remember all of these are just personal opinions. Having said that I feel that the Shavette is much more forgiving than the SR. it is smaller lighter and easier to maneuver. Also if I don’t the angle just right with my SR I get cut or really bad razor burn. With the Shavette if my angle is off I just don’t get as close of a shave. You can still get cut with a shavette but for me it is never as bad and always heals faster.
    One other thought, I don’t know how much you travel. But traveling with the shavette works much better for me. No need to bring a strop. Just the brush, soap, and shavette with a fresh blade and you should be good for at least a week.

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