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Thread: Most obsessive forum I have every read

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razorfaust View Post
    No worries man forget the strop today focus on a good shave. Then you can focus on " R.A.D" Razor Acquisition Disorder which turns into "R.A.D" Razor Acquisition Delirium, "Oh look at all the fabulous razors I have." Which in turn leads to "R.A.D" Razor Acquisition Denial " I do not have too many razors honey i just need this Mastro Livi Damascus custom to complete my yearly rotation." Which usually progresses to "R.A.D" Razor Acquisition Debt " Hmmm If i refinance the house I can get that Robert Williams custom 7 day set , yeah!"
    Oh and if your worried about your stropping try a 3 inch paddle strop they work great just like the 12 others I have.

    Enjoy yourself
    Shave like a Champion
    Have all the first problems, working on the last! Thanks doc for the diagnosis
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    Do not east you will have one nice shave grasshopper. We all had our first shave at one time and then ruined the egde it's your turn .....LOL

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