I had the glorious experience of buying a straight off of eBay (a nice Crown and Sword 5/8 for $20?!) that was dull as a table knife, setting a bevel and honing it up on my set of Naniwa SS's, stropping, and getting a nice shave from it this morning. I have touched up razors before but this time I felt like I owned the whole process. It's a great feeling. I'm still not entirely consistent with my honing but it's coming, and now I have proof.

My SWMBO is supportive but really doesn't understand the fascination so I thought I'd share with folks that get it.

Many thanks to gssixgun and Lynn for the stellar videos, chay2k for the hands on a few months ago, and all of you in the forums for the supportive and insightful comments.

Geez, I sound like I just won an Oscar or something. :-)