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Thread: DE before SR

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    A safety razor (be it a single edge or double edge) is IMO a great introduction to wetshaving. Another option is to try a "shavette" replacable blade straight. Either way you can practive your technique for soap and brush use, map the grain of your face, and over all just feel a little more comortable with how you wetshave. Using a straight razor adds another layer to the mix of maintaining the razor and strop.

    Welcome aboard. As you can see, there are many paths to take. Whatever you choose there are plenty of people here to lend a bit of advice.

    Smooth shaving,
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    I started this with the interest of shaving with a straight. So I started with a straight. No regrets, sure you can build the skills along the way with a DE. You are going to have to "take off the training wheels" at some point and its the same learning curve for all the steps no matter the method of removing the lather.

    Just know up front, that it is not a quick trip so patience is a must.
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    I tried both, started using a SR and then bought a DE for the ATG passes.
    For me, the DE doesn't work. It's not completely my cup of tea.
    If I had known it before, I wouldn't have bought the DE.
    Some may find starting with a DE useful, but if you get used to shaving with a DE and you switch to a SR, when it comes to shaving, it's a whole new world.
    My DE went to a friend of mine who has just started shaving with a SR, he still uses the DE to complete his shave.
    So for him it does work

    So that's a pro and contra in one post.
    Sometimes I feel normal.
    Then it's time to lay down and wait for it to pass.

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    Ya it's going to be one of those YMMV, I started with a DE 44 years ago so I didn't do it to get ready for a straight , but it did help my transition to straights , I learned along time ago about the direction my hair turns and the amount of pressure to use to get a smooth , irritation free shave, of course back then we didn't have all these blade choices and soaps and creams,, so a DE first can help, Good luck. Tc
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