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Thread: Im Back Again

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    Default Im Back Again

    So, I started SR shaving back in 2009 and after a year gave it up. I sold all my razors, stones, and strops to a buddy of mine who said he would give them a good home. After a year of SR shaving i was getting frustrated. I was running into numerous problems. (superficial rust on some of my nice blades, could never get the stropping down and so on) Now I am going to give it one more go. This time i have a little more patience and money to put towards the hobby. I am going to slowly work myself back into it as far as equipment. Im doing my research on everything and i am going to be more thorough with what i buy. Today my first purchase to put me back in the SR shaving market was a SRD modular paddle strop. I am going to work with that cause i don't have a spot to hang a normal strop. I'll probably get a razor in the next month but im doing my research now to make sure i get the one that i want. Wish me luck hopefully i get it this time around.

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    Welcome back,,,,,,,,,,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hirlau View Post
    Welcome back,,,,,,,,,,
    1+! Two's a charm!

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    I truly hope this time around is a better experience for you.
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    Welcome back, if you can, try to arrange to meet with a local member-an hour or two with hands on experience will beat reading here for a week.
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    Welcome back - you are among friends...

    Good call on the SRD Paddle.
    I used mine today to give three razors a tune up (.5Dia and Crox) with great results.
    And I think they are easier to master than a hanging strop.

    What are you thinking for a razor?

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    Somehow I think your new attitude will pay huge dividends! I think "doing" is a great war cry for many things, and I guess to some degree even straight razor shaving - but overall, taking your time and absorbing before "doing" with respect to straights is almost a must if you want to avoid frustration!!

    There is just no accounting for the countless ways you can make a good blade bad lol!!

    I mean we always talk about how one can hone 500 different ways and get away with it - but if you can sharpen a blade 500 different ways, you can botch one countless ways lol.

    I think the modular strop is a great starting place. I was actually considering getting one last night (today I ran into an unexpected bill ). Really pay attention to what the different microns are supposed to do with the diamond sprays before applying and how few laps you need to take on them. Less can be more. I recommend you get the green spray CrOX for your second strip of felt. I love the stuff.

    Glad you are back!
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