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Thread: OK That Didn't Work

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    Default OK That Didn't Work

    My TI razor is blunt. I've watched LA's excellent videos regarding Sharpening/refreshing razors. I've tried using Lynn's tecnique with my Naniwa 5000/6000/12000 stones, result, a blunt TI razor. Worse than that my Boker was just going off a bit, so I used the 12000 Naniwa and a diamond pasted strop to refresh it. It still shaves, but it's defiantly not as sharp as it was when I bought it.

    Does anyone know a reliable Honmiester in France?

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    If you can't find a honemiester you could pick up a couple of inexpensive antique razors to develop your honing/stropping skills. Looks like you already have all the hardware needed.
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    I am not sure if the link will work, I went to the member list and then clicked search, I got a drop down advanced search. I then searched for members with a location listed in France. If you scroll through the list you can find senior members and PM them, it is one way of finding help in your area. They most likely will be able to help or know who can. When you click their name you will be able to see information like last post etc that way you can ensure they are active members.
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    How many travels are using on the diamond paste strop? You may be doing too many and dulling the blade.
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    Look at the edge, not the bevel with magnification and first find out what the problem is, and then take action needed to correct the problem.

    If the edge is too far gone Diamond paste may not bring it back.

    Diamond paste/spray will not dull you edge, it may make it too aggressive. Poor stropping technique will dull an edge when stropping, pasted or not.

    Here is a video on how to check you edge.

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    Getting some magnification was probably the most pivotal moment in my honing learning curve. Being able to visually inspect the bevel and adjust accordingly is immensely helpful.
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    One good thing to do if you are new to this is to buy Lynn's dvd. It is very instructional. Also if you have the right hones & a good strop you will be able to learn how to hone & strop your razor properly. It might help to have a practice razor to try at first & once you get the hang of it, it just becomes a natural thing in caring for your straight razor but Lynn's dvd is well worth the money & he covers many of the areas of owning a straight razor & caring for it.

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