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Thread: Lightbulb moment! Beard length

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    The optimal time between shaves for me is 2-3 days. This is true for straight razor, DE, or cartridge. I have enough stubble to shave the following day, but it's not worth the irritation.

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    During our recent move, I ended up not shaving for nearly a week. When I was finally able to shave, the shave was easier and was completely irritation free, even in this hot, humid Georgia summer weather.

    I suspect the reason is that if your beard is longer, it will absorb more water, making it softer and easier for the blade to cut. I also suspect that the absence of any irritation is due to your skin having more time to regenerate, since when you shave, you are taking a layer of skin off with your razor.

    Just my experience and guesses... Take them for what you will.
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